Colombian industry, standing out in quality to satisfy your flexible packaging needs

Our commitment

Colombiana de Plasticos is GMP (BPM) and HACCP certified, framed within the scope of the AIB certification. We aim to be real client allies, in terms of product safety requirements.
Aligned with the demands of the market, Colplas has cutting-edge technology that allows
us efficient processes, optimal quality and competitive prices.



Colplas is dedicated to the production and marketing of flexible packaging materials, with and without printing. Colplas is characterized by offering optimal quality products and by efficient attention to client service and innovation requirements.


By the year 2020 we will be a well positioned at a national level export company, recognized by our timely service and by a first quality product, known for being deeply committed to the requirements and needs of our customers.

Management policy

Colplas S.A.S. expresses its commitment to client and shareholder satisfaction through an organizational culture based on: continuous product quality and safety improvement, the safety and wellbeing of their human resource, optimization of its energy performance considering environmental awareness, good supplier relationships, social commitment and compliance with legal requirements. All of these guarantee the sustainability, growth and profitability of our business.