Snacks and confectionery

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Packaging for this industry includes chocolates, ice creams, cookies, potato chips, cereals, assorted nuts, dried fruit, candy and other similar between-meal products. Since many of these products are bought on impulse, most of the packaging is bright, matte, or have windows that permit product visualization with provocative prints and graphics that attract the attention of buyers. Colplas offers state-of-the-art flexography technology, which guarantees packaging that makes a difference.

The structures for this industry vary depending on the product. They include light, oxygen, or humidity barriers, as well as adequate resistance and sealing properties. The materials that are usually selected for snack and confectionary include: various types of polypropylene, mostly bio-oriented, transparent, or laminates with metalized film, cast polypropylene, polyester, nylon and other types of polyethylene, among others. A high percentage of these packaging materials are laminates.

We have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) & HACCP certifications, which is fundamental to ensure safety with this type of packaging material.

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