Thermo-shrinkable films

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Thermo-shrinkable films allow for significant savings in the packaging process, as well as in the transport and distribution of products, as they can be thermo-shrunk into trays, bundles, or stacks. They are used by the brewing, beverage, pharmaceutical, shoe and food industries, as well as for household appliances like refrigerators and washing machines and also for ceramics and tiles.

Heating tunnels and guns are required, as they generate the temperatures necessary for the films to shrink (as indicated by their names) and hold together, protect and facilitate product transportation.

One of the features of this packaging system is that it protects products from dust, dirt and climate variations. Among other virtues, it allows the product to be visible and stackable in a way that replaces other, more expensive and bulky packaging types.

Colplas offers thermo-shrinkable high and low-density polyethylene structures. We have specialized machinery for this process, which allows us to offer micro- perforated gusset sleeves, depending on client requirements.


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