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Your needs are ours, therefore we guarantee safety in our packaging as well as continuous improvement in our processes

Colplas has cutting-edge equipment and machinery for its extrusion, printing, trimming, lamination and sealing processes. We are continuously investing in productive processes, information systems, staff training and quality control equipment.

We develop products adjusted to each need by putting our expertise, technology and machinery at the service of our clients.



We offer high-definition flexography printing, with eight inks adjusted to client requirements.

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We have trimming machines with high-end technology that allows us to adapt to your requirements in terms of size, width and length.


Solventless lamination

In order to meet the standards of food-safety processes, we currently offer high-end technology and machinery. Also, we provide laminations for different structures: BOPP, CPP, LDPE, polyester, or nylon in accordance with client needs.



We offer bag-like packaging with different seals: bottom, lateral and wicket seals, doypack, seals with pre-cuts and perforations. These are top quality products manufactured with raw materials, in accordance with G.M.P.


Cast Polypropylene

We produce cast polypropylene, a high brightness film, for different purposes in the food, clothing and personal hygiene packaging processes.


3 Layer Co-extrusion

We produce high and low density 3 layer co-extruded polyethylene films with high quality standards. It is manufactured with raw materials that are approved by the FDA, Mercosur, the EU and Codex Alimentarius. They can also be adapted to your processes and needs.



COLPLAS has an internal quality assurance process. As such, the company has a laboratory with cutting-edge technology that monitors and follows the processes, finished products and the raw materials from start to finish. We have qualified staff and an adequate manufacturing practice management system, which guarantees adaptation to the specifications and requirements of our clients.